cottage_exteriorThe Cottage Cooperative is a play-based environment that is centered around the children’s interests, imagination and passions. Children are given a foundation of trust and love that will enable them to open their hearts and minds to the world around them. At The Children’s Cottage Cooperative, the children’s play is their work. By being encouraged to explore the world around them, they grow up with a joy of learning. In this environment, where their thoughts and feelings are honored, children develop critical life skills, like creative problem-solving and social interaction.

When you join the Children’s Cottage Co-op, you literally become an owner of the school. While that gives each family considerable influence within the school, it also gives each family a heavy amount of responsibility. The entire business segment of the school is conducted by the membership. In addition, members serve on a regular basis as teachers in the classroom.

Time and energy are the major requirements of membership in a cooperative. This concept works only when each member contributes his/her fair share of the work and ideas. The positives are immeasurable:

• You learn a great deal about your child and his/her interactions in a group
• You learn many ideas for things to do with your child, as well as the basics of early childhood development theory
• You meet friends with similar interests who have children in your child’s age group
• You observe many other children, gaining a new appreciation for your child’s unique attributes
• You are an integral part of your child’s first educational experience.

A parent participation preschool is a very special experience for both parent and child. The commitment is large, but your efforts make your child’s school a better place. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, there are peers all around to answer your questions and support you.

The nature and small scale of our historic cottage is ideal for children and includes a library, art-room and playspace. Our facilities also include a terrific outdoor playground and deck, along with a climbing wall and teaching garden.

Located in the historic Remillard Cottage which was built in 1891, our preschool has been serving Marin County families since 1949.
Let’s continue the tradition!