When you come into our school please remember it is a child’s world.

THEIR ideas…THEIR work…THEIR fun!!

• A child’s imagination is great!
• Children can do wonderful things: paint the wind, dance like a leaf and find joy and happiness in performing simple tasks.
• These are abilities that an adult may have lost along the way. Enter and return for a brief visit to the wonderful world of young children. Enjoy their enthusiasm for living and learning.

We offer preschoolers:

Support and encouragement for each child as he/she grows.

A welcoming, relaxed setting where children can make new friends and try a variety of new activities.

We have a skilled and loving teacher (Director Pam Brabo) to lead the day with parent assistants to give individual attention to each child’s needs. Our adult-child ratio is 1:4.

Creative play-based preschool activities including: arts and crafts, music, role play, stories, manipulatives, construction, sand and water play, individual and group times, field trips and more.

We have enrichment programs from October-May that feature music, movement and yoga.

The Cottage has a tradition of spending one week of school, during the month of May, outside at a local state park. This special week is one of the most popular and cherished weeks at our school.

Our MWF children can also go on exciting field trips to the pumpkin patch, post office, fire station, and more!

We offer parents:

You will participate in your child/ren’s first educational experience and learn a great deal about your child and his/her interactions in a group, activities to do with your child, as well as the basics of early childhood development theory.

Parents also attend a monthly membership meeting, where we have an hour of parent education in a variety of topics and an hour of business regarding the running of the Cottage. Only one parent per family is required to attend these monthly meetings.

Parent Education is offered by a variety of professionals who work with children, from our own teachers to educator parents to speakers who cover topics including: occupational therapy, temperament, feelings, relationships and behavior.

Community is a huge part of the Cottage! Parents are assigned a special job at the school and work with the board to ensure the operation side of the school is run smoothly. This also helps to foster community and responsibility for the school.

We also have socials and fundraisers throughout the year, so you can get to know the families at the Cottage!