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The amazing bonus to this school is being able to be along side for your kids first school experience. It helps our son gain confidence as he learns respect for teachers and the other “grown ups” there. We had a great experience with the teachers and community. The time and work commitment to a co-op is rewarding and beneficial.

– H.J.

I’ve had 2 kids attend the Cottage Co-op over a period of 3 years.  Loved it.  We moved a year ago and I had to find a new preschool in my area.  It’s the best of the best for the area, and still doesn’t hold a candle to the Cottage.  At the Cottage my kids learned conflict resolution, to be risk-takers (physically, mentally, socially), to run and yell and get wet and muddy and build and paint and laugh.  They also learned how to own their experience…ask their own questions, speak in front of a group, and generally be secure in who they are.  After all this, the real gem for me was what I learned as a co-op parent.  To see different parenting styles come together to help children learn, feel loved, and explore.  The director taught me all the most useful tips, tricks, and skills I’ve needed with my preschoolers.  I am heart-broken my youngest child won’t get to have this amazing experience.

– K. B.

When I was looking for a preschool for my son, I knew that I wanted to be involved in my son’s first experience with school so I checked out many co-op type preschools. The minute I set foot on the grounds at the Children’s Cottage Coop, I could tell this was a sweet, nurturing place. Not to mention, my son dove right in and started playing on the outside playground with all the other kids. Clearly this was the school he wanted to go to! He went there 2 years and I can’t say enough about his and my experience there. My child learned self respect, respect for others, compassion, playfulness, freedom to do/be yourself and much, much more. The director/teacher was always ready and willing to just go with what the children wanted to do on any given day…and to get down, get dirty and play, play, play with them. I also got support/welcomed advise and VERY helpful/insightful/valuable information from the director/teacher, that as a first time parent, I was VERY grateful for. Overall, I am so happy we chose this school for those years of my sons life. They created a strong, lasting foundation for him and me.

– M. J.

Becoming a member of the Cottage Co-op is one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. Our 4 year old daughter has thrived in this loving, play-based, child-driven, positive school. She has learned to value her own thoughts and creative ideas, to take risks, to solve problems, to have empathy and to enjoy herself. She often comes home covered in paint, shaving cream, glitter and always has happy thoughts and memories to share with us each day. Teacher Pammi’s experience and understanding of child development is a huge part of what makes the Cottage so special. Our child has received an excellent early childhood experience and the whole family has been lucky to be part of this amazing community of parents and children.

– Lyssa R.

Our son is a happy, nurtured, thriving preschooler and this is due in part to the choice we made to send him to the Cottage Cooperative. As a teacher myself, the play-based model of the school is one that fits with my personal philosophy of what best supports early development. The fact that this program is run by a teacher with decades of experience was a huge draw for us and teacher Pammi was wonderful with our child. The parent participation was something that drew us to the Cottage, for the ratio of competent adults to children enabled an easy transition from home to the first school experience. There was always someone caring for my child and looking out for his safety. We have been very happy with our choice to have our son attend this school.

– Shanna W.

I love this place and so does our son. The hands on method is just what my wife and I were looking for. Childhood should be about positive and open experiences, shared with teachers, parents and classmates. The Cottage offers this by engaging the parents into the day to day experience of education with your child. While this is not for everyone, the results are super for the children. The Cottage is like a family, it takes effort to make it work, but the results can and are amazing.

-Aaron R.

As parents, we couldn’t be happier. Our son has made so many gains and he hasn’t even been at the school for a year. He wakes up asking if it is a school day and list everyone that is going to be there. The parents and teachers of The Cottage are like family. Everyone helps out and lends a hand whenever needed. The teachers have taught us all so much and we are so grateful. We hoped our son would love school, but his love for the school has exceeded our expectations. What else could we ask for.

– Tammie H.

My two daughters went to the Cottage Co-op a few years ago, and they had wonderful experiences. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about the parental involvement portion, but it ended up being a rewarding experience for me. My girls thrived there and I got so much perspective on children by being around so many other kids. It was also nice to be part of a parent community – and you have to learn to work with all different types of personalities. There is a LOT of work involved in being part of a co-op, so go into this with your eyes open. You will spend lots of hours helping the school function, and it is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I am still very close to several of the parents, and my kids have made lifelong friends.

– Susan P.

We are half way through our second year at the Cottage and could not be happier! Our children (twins) were very shy and clung to each other when we started here. They grew more independent in their first six months at the Cottage and starting the second semester, they began to flourish! Both are very active now and enjoy playing together or apart. It has really been amazing to watch them transform from toddlers to articulate independent children! That is only one half of the Cottage experience! We are also very fortunate to have gotten to know the other families at the school and become very involved in the operational management of the school. We meet monthly to discuss Cottage business but also to get an hour of parent education – which is always very informative! There are lots of other great social opportunities to spend time with other parents and children – it is truly an engaged community!
– Elsa E.

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