Preschool Director

The Children’s Cottage Cooperative of Marin (CCC) in Larkspur, CA is seeking to hire a Day Program Director for our preschool to start in the Spring of the 2018-19 school year. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive knowledge and a firm belief in play-based preschool philosophy, which has been a core tenet of the school since its inception in 1948. The ideal candidate will also have a deep respect for the unique qualities of each individual child in attendance, and a high regard for their ideas, opinions, strengths, and challenges.

The CCC is a play-based environment that is centered around the children’s interests, imagination, and passions. Children are given a foundation of trust and love that enables them to open their hearts and minds to the work around them. At CCC, the children’s play is their work. By being encouraged to explore the world around them, they grow up with a joy of learning and a confident self-esteem. In this environment, where their thoughts and feelings are honored, children develop critical life skills, like creative problem-solving and social skills.

The Day Program Director is a trained professional who must meet the educational and experience requirement established by the State of California for the preschool license (see specifics below). As the Day Program Director, you will be responsible for compliance with the licensing requirements and for dealing with state officials concerning inspections and other requests. The Day Program Director sets an example for the participating parents, guiding them in giving children chances to learn responsibility and independence, as individuals and within groups, in a safe and emotionally supportive environment. The Day Program Director oversees the supervision of the children in their play and helps to engage them through planned, age-appropriate activities. Through skill and daily presence, the Day Program Director becomes the children’s primary contact at school and the one who helps them to accept the limitations of group interaction.

Key Responsibilities of the Day Program Director

  • Directing the school from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM., Monday through Friday, in keeping with the Larkspur/CM School District school year calendar.
  • Ensuring the school meets all licensing requirements (including meeting with officials as necessary).
  • Being responsible for the health and safety of all children at the school.
  • Teaching and supervising parents in their role as co-opers – to assign and prepare daily classroom tasks and conduct fifteen-minute meetings at the end of the co-oping day with specific guidance and relevant information, ensuring the philosophy of the school is maintained and enhanced.
  • Working in conjunction with the Afternoon Director and/or other teaching staff for the aftercare program and summer school programs to ensure each is functioning for the benefit of the school’s members.
  • Presenting parent education talks at general meetings when appropriate.
  • Holding parent conferences during school hours for two weeks in April.
  • Attending monthly Co-op Board, Business, and staff meetings outside of regular school hours (when necessary).
  • Participation in fundraising meetings and events.
  • Required attendance at the CCPPNS annual convention at the discretion of the Board of Directors and based on the financial health of the Corporation.
  • Finding substitutes for self or aftercare when necessary.

Minimum Professional Requirements

The Day Program Director must comply with Community Care Licensing qualifications for Child Care Center Director (Title 22, Division 12, Chapter 1 of Manual of Policies and Procedures; section 101215.1;). One of the three scenarios is required for consideration:

  1. High school graduation or GED and 15 semester units at an accredited college in specified early childhood education classes. Three of the required units shall be in administration or staff relations and 12 units shall include courses that cover the area of child growth and development; child, family, and community; and program/curriculum and four years of teaching experience in a licensed center or comparable group child care program, OR
  2. Two years of experience are required if the director has an AA degree with a major in child development, OR
  3. A Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or Child Development Program Director permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Must keep current in their field for own personal growth, and must meet all child care center director qualifications as established by the California Department of Social Services.

Must obtain or have obtained at least 15 hours of training in preventative health practices, including control of infectious disease (including immunizations), childhood injury prevention, sanitary food handling, nutrition, and emergency preparedness and evacuation.

Must also possess a current pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid card issued either by the American Red Cross or by a training program that has been approved by the Emergency Medical Services Authority pursuant to Section 1797.191

The Director must keep evidence of having completed this training on-site at the school. If the Director needs to take CPR, First Aid, or other preventative health practices to meet these requirements, the Corporation will reimburse class and certification fees.


This is a contract position for each school year, offering $35,000 to $50,000 annual salary ($70-$100k full-time equivalent), depending on experience and qualifications. The Director is required to remain on campus from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday through Friday, with additional time before/after school hours as needed for parent conferences, material prep, and other administrative tasks. The Pre-K program in the Spring entails an additional 1-2 hours one day per week in the afternoon for four months. The estimated work week is 20 hours per week with additional hours intermittently for preparation. As our school follows the local public school district schedule, paid vacation time is built in to the yearly calendar (10 weeks in summer, Veterans Day, 1 week in November for Thanksgiving break, 2 weeks in December for Winter break, MLK Day, 1 week in February for mid-Winter break, 1 week in April for Spring break, Memorial Day in May). Additional days of paid time off for personal necessity/sick leave are allowed each year.


The ideal candidate will be available to start by January 2019.


Please email us a cover letter introducing yourself and describing your interest in the position with your CV/resume. Please also indicate in these documents that you have met all the minimum requirements for the directorship, specifically:

  1. Community Care Licensing qualifications for Child Care Center Director
  2. 15 hours training in preventative health practices
  3. CPR and First Aid certification.

These minimum requirements for directorship are required to be considered for this position. A condition of an offer of employment includes a successful background check.

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The Children’s Cottage Cooperative of Marin is an EEO employer. Candidates requiring accommodations in applying should request assistance when responding to this opportunity.